Sales Growth Workshops
Accelerate Growth - Strategy, Marketing, and Sales
Join other business leaders as we take one day a month focus on:

1. The Personality of sales.  INCREASE SALES and understand your client.
WORKSHOP DATE - 12/12/2017 (7:30-11:30 AM)

2.  Make your New Years resolution your ideal future.  BUILD YOUR STRATEGY, recognize your competitive advantages, and develop your ideal future goals.
WORKSHOP DATE - 01/09/2018 (7:30-11:30 AM)

3. Where do you start? Marketing or Sales?   CREATE A LINK between strategic vision, your ability to listen, and your ability to overcome fear to create growth.
WORKSHOP DATE 02/08/2018 (7:30-11:30 AM)
Create accountable teams to drive growth!
Sales are down. Customers are demanding concessions.  The new hire is unfocused. The veteran employee has become comfortable with the status quo. 

Sales are up!  Customers are providing unsolicited referrals.  The new hire is full of ideas.  The veteran is coaching other team members.

This is not necessarily two different companies.  These are differences between teams which have a culture of trust and accountability and those which do not.

After two decades of selling and leading sales teams I have weathered mistakes, navigated economic changes, and reshaped cultures. Through each experience, successful sales teams have emerged.    

Combining what you already know about your business with my experience developing accountable sales teams, we can create growth.

Your businesses will benefit from a customized sales  coaching and training program.   Harpel Coaching was created to deliver a tailored program built to accelerate accountability, and in the process increase your sales, customer engagement, and employee satisfaction.
Improved Sales Performance
Sales Development 
Accelerate Accountability
Sales development requires a process.  However, there are two caveats to sales processes in my experience:

     1. Not every sales professional appreciates a sales processes.
     2. The process has to allow flexibility - so a sales team member
          can have a style and be accountable for their performance.  

Sales team development is what Harpel Coaching  will guide you to achieve. 

 Harpel Coaching believes in the CEED model.  

     C - Connect Personally
     E  - Engage Professionally
     E  - Educate
     D - Decide

The CEED model is the basis for developing your sales team and growing business.
It’s a simple format with valuable learning points to explore.  

 Why bring up accountability when talking about sales?  

Because sales are often viewed as unpredictable, and teams do not feel accountable for their sales pipeline fluctuations.  

An entire business culture can change when a sales team embraces accountability.  

We begin with a simple model.

     Understanding + Plan = Accelerate Accountability

As a team we will explore how expectations and decisions in your business will create an understanding between your client and your team.


Training and Accountability

  1. Everything DiSC Authorized Partner
    The Everything DiSC Profile Assessment is a training tool used by Harpel Coaching to develop organizational relationships. Your team will find the profile insights into their personality type invaluable as they accelerate accountability together.
  2. Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner
    We can choose to see the world negatively and address our teams through the Five Dysfunctions of a Team or we can join Patrick Lencioni in his positive outlook on teams and discover together the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Harpel Coaching will use this as another tool to accelerate your team's accountability.
  3. Membrain
    Membrain is Harpel Coaching's sales management tool. Membrain's simplicity of use and flexibility will drive your sales processes. Membrain is not an ERP system, but it is a powerful Sales CRM tool which will help your team Connect personally, Engage professionally, Educate clients, and help your clients Decide on a solution.
  4. Your Business
    Our clients have business needs and Harpel Coaching will tailor a sales training process to meet those needs. Our partnership with clients is built around developing teams accountable for growth which is a process not a one time event.
Brett Harpel
  1. Brett Harpel
    I enjoy the challenge and dynamics of team development. Harpel Coaching is focused on helping teams generate revenue producing sales.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.